6. Solving the structure

To perform the static and modal analysis of the structure access the menu Analysis > Solve. In the “Analysis files generation” dialog that appears, select the “Frame” and the “Work of shear” options. The “Frame” option is appropriate when the user has defined all beam releases in the structure. The program also allows the option to override any beam releases and solve a structure as though all beam releases are consistent with the definition of a truss articulated structure. By default the program does not take into account the work of shear so in order to include this effect, the option has to be selected by the user. After specifying all the analysis parameters, press the “Generate files” button.


This closes the dialog and brings up the Analysis dialog. Here the user can select the range of analyses to be performed on the structure. In this example, both the static and modal (free vibrations) analysis will be performed.


Press “OK” and the “Analysis” of the structure will start. After the completion of the “Analysis” we will continue with the interpretation of the “Results”.