4. Export drawings in DXF format

INSTANT steel 2013 includes the capability of exporting drawings in DXF format for the visible parts of a model structure. The user can use all the capabilities available in the software in order to select specific beam elements (2D working planes, 3D views etc) and selectively visualize the required part of the structure.

The export of a drawing in a DXF format is activated by selecting View > Copy Canvas > Save Drawing > DXF.


The dialog window that opens after this selection gives the user a number of options: Include the central beam line in a separate layer and/or include the lines of the sections that appear in wire 3D in a layer with the name of each different section. Due to limitations to the naming of a layer, if the name of a section includes one of the following symbols:

<        >        /                :        ;        ?        *        |        =        

Then the above symbols will be replaced with “_”.

In addition, there are selections that the user can make in order to choose the appropriate axis convention that the DXF file will be opened from another drawing software.

The software also identifies the physical beams that have been defined and exports the lines of the sections for the whole length of the user defined physical member and not only for each specific beam member.


The file is saved as by default to the folder ProjectsTop using the project name. The user can alter the default folder that the file is saved and also the file name by pressing the […] button.

The following picture shows the result of exporting a topology in a DXF format and reading it in a DXF capable application.


Note: The above feature is available as an extra purchase and is not available as a standard feature in INSTANT steel 2013 version.