7. Editing member data

A. Edit member

To edit an existing member, begin by selecting the Members tab and then select the member you wish to edit from the list of members. The selected member’s data will appear in the property grid and a view will open in the view windows area.

Editing any data in the property grid will be applied to the selected member and will immediately update the displayed member views.


During the editing, data validity checks are performed and any errors and/or omissions are displayed in the Messages window.

Some member editing options may only be available under certain circumstances, such as the Lateral-Torsional buckling check which is only available for certain section types, as described in the Analysis.

B. Edit Load Cases

Specifically for the case of a project not linked to a solution, in addition to the data necessary to properly define a member, the internal forces of the member must be defined also. That can be done at the Load Cases page, where the Load Cases can be managed and the internal forces/moments data can be entered.

In a project which is linked to a solution, it is not possible to edit the Load Cases data.