4. Creating a new linked project

In a project linked with an existing structure solution, the user can define connections that will use structure beams as members. This means the connection members receive their section data as well as the internal forces data from the linked structure member.

To create a new project, click on the New file button on the main toolbar instant-wiki-md19 or select the New option in the File menu.


A project type selection dialog is displayed and the Member Design Project type must be selected.


The application creates a new project file and displays the property pages. The Project page tab is made active by default. In this page, the property grid displays various lines with project information, such as file name, project name and date and engineer name. The filename displayed is the default and can be changed at the first save.


In order to link the project with an existing structure solution, you must check the “Link to job” option, and then select the “Linked job” option.

Click on the […] button that appears at the right to display a file selection dialog that defaults to opening in the Projects folder. The INSTANT application suite stores a project’s solution here in a folder named using the convention .AJF. Open the project folder that contains the solution you wish to link with and select the file with the .RES extension. If this file exists, the project has been solved. When this file is selected, the preview window displays the structure topology drawing.


When the desired solution file has been selected and the Open button is pressed, the Linked structure field is updated with the file path to the solutions results file. At the same time, if a view window is open, it is set to Linked Structure mode and the structure topology is displayed.

The next step is to define a new member.