1. Concrete base verifications according to EAK/EKOS and EC2/EC7

A. General

INSTANT steel 2013 includes the Concrete base verifications according to EAK/EKOS and EC2/EC7 regulations. This completely new analysis replaces the older one.

B. Theoretical Basis

The new concrete base analysis uses the following assumptions:

INSTANT steel performs certain verifications on single foundation foot, centric or eccentric, with rectangular sectional plan and prismatic or cone shaped. The participation of foundation beams is ignored. All the checks are based on the ΕKOS/EAK2003 (Greek regulations) or the Eurocodes (EC2/EC7) and include the following:

  1. Load eccentricities check.
  2. Bearing capacity (ultimate axial force).
  3. Design in Bending (Bending reinforcement).
  4. Design in Shear (Check of concrete resistance without reinforcement/stirrups).
  5. Design in Drilling.
  6. Normative limits for minimum/maximum reinforcement values and other geometric restrictions.

Material safety factors:

Concrete γc = 1,50

Steel γs = 1,15

C. Usage

The use of the concrete Base environment has not been changed significantly. The definition of the concrete base is the same as used to be in previous INSTANT steel versions. The main change is that some extra regulation analysis data and options have been added in “General Parameters of Foundations”, as shown below:


In “Soil” selections, data from the Soil study such as “Coherence” and “Soil angle phi” displayed in the current units selections have been added.

In “Reinforcement” selections, the “Angle of punching reinforcement” displayed in the current units selections has been added. Finally, in the “Building data” selections, the “Design norm” selection has been added.