Software for structural analysis and design according to Eurocode 3 of steel structures

INSTANT steel is a reliable and effective structural software solution for a wide range of steelwork which can be simulated with linear beam elements such as: industrial buildings, pylons, trusses, pipe racks, bridges, multi-storey buildings, hangars, canopies and stairs. It is distributed to the European market since 1995 and has been used in thousands of steel projects.

INSTANT steel can analyze and design almost every type of structural beam is used in modern steel industry, including special profiles such as tapered, castellated, and cold rolled sections. It includes a complete connections design environment (EC3 Connections). More than 500 design offices and steel fabricators have chosen INSTANT steel for its flexibility in model simulation, reliable output results, and consistency on the application of the Eurocodes.

INSTANT steel is developed and owned by Computer Control Systems. It is one of the first structural software applications released in Europe which incorporated Eurocode 3 design and it is recognized as a reference program for the analysis and design of steel structures.

INSTANT steel is being continuously updated with new features so as to comply with the increasing demands of the steel industry.

INSTANT steel wiki

This section includes short tutorials, videos and articles to show you the software use. You can search and find answers for your questions about our software. If not, we are pleasant to receive your message about your missed topic.

Version 2014



Member Design EC3

Version 2013


  1. Introduction of the tutorial guide
  2. User interface for the utilities of INSTANT steel application
  3. Item selection methods
  4. Objective of working example
  5. Structure model (Creating and saving a model, Setting up the working plane, Definition of Nodes, Definition of Beams, Applying the materials and sections, Definition of supports and beam connections, Generation of the spatial model, Application of loads, Modal analysis)
  6. Solving the structure
  7. Results of analysis (part 1) (Display of results, Load combinations)
  8. Results of analysis (part 2) (Producing reports, Use of reports to identify worst elements for member design)
  9. Member design verifications according to Eurocode 3 (General, Member design procedure)
  10. Connection design verifications according to Eurocode 3 (General, Connection design procedure)
  11. Concrete Base check (General, Concrete Base environment)

Member Design EC3

The Member Design EC3 application provides analysis and design of steel members according to the Eurocode 3 norm. In the modern application environment, the members are presented in solid 3D. The analysis produces tabular and detailed reports in text and in formatted Word format.

Select from the topic listed below for more information:

  1. Interface
  2. Importing from an older version project file
  3. Creating a new stand-alone project
  4. Creating a new linked project
  5. Defining a new member
  6. Dividing a member
  7. Editing member data
  8. Defining member constraints
  9. Defining a restrained purlin
  10. Analysis and design
  11. Reports

Connections EC3

For the presentation of the Connections EC3 application, the following working examples have been created:

  1. Semi-rigid bolted end-plate
  2. Column base H section fixed EC3