Mixte Box and Mixte Verif, the two new programs of the CCS Bridge software suite are ready to be used by the design offices.

Mixte Box allows the analysis and design of box bridges with multiple spans, according to Eurocodes.

A linear beam model is constructed and the traffic loads are automatically determined according to the applied regulations. The internal forces and stresses are then calculated and all the necessary checks are performed. The calculations report is automatically generated.

Mixte Verif allows the design of multi-girder composite bridges with I or box section, according to Eurocodes.

The internal forces under reglementary loads for the most unfavorable girder, calculated by any structural analysis software, are the data input of the software. Mixte Verif provides the capability to perform the calculation of internal forces for particular loads as shrinkage and temperature or other. Reglementary combinations are automatically calculated and all the checks are performed.