CCS announces the collaboration with Castalia s.r.l. as official distributor for the Connection Study Environment (C.S.E.) software.

The agreement incorporates Greece and all French speaking countries in Europe (Belgium France, Luxemburg, Switzerland) and N. Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia).

For 25 years, CCS has been heavily engaged with steel structures, either developing software or executing engineering studies. The company already offers its own software solutions for the dimensioning of typical connections according to Eurocode 3. The connections handled by CCS software comprise ordinary standard configurations whose solution is based on detailed equations provided by the Regulation. In cases of non-standard or non-typical joint configurations the solution calls for calculations based on finite element modeling techniques.

Connection Study Environment provides solutions to the design of steel structure joints, integrating basic design checks (for bolting, welding, etc.) as well as techniques of structural analysis of complex joints through automatic finite element modeling and solving in linear and non linear range. Connection Study Environment is a pioneer product in this field since, thanks to a research started at the end of the 90s, it has been since 2008 the first commercial software using this approach.

For detailed information and its “philosophy”, you may visit its webpage.